The Basics of Pig Ownership

By | November 29, 2017

There are so many things claimed of pigs – that they smell (“you scent like a pig!”), they’re filthy (“you unclean pig!”), they’re ‘oblivious’ (“you are an oblivious/ chauvinistic pig!”). In fact they are none of these things: a pig just smells negative if it’s been coming in something that smells poor; pigs are actually a clean animal that appreciates its creature conveniences equally as we do; as well as a pig rates in the top ten most smart animals on our world.

The most effective summary definitely lies in a phrase attributed to Winston Churchill, who claimed, “a pet dog admires you, a cat looks down on you, yet a pig looks you in the eye and also treats you as an equal. How true! Therein lies the fundamental of Teacup pigs ownership – they are a lot like us it could be fairly disturbing. Take a look at a pig and also you’re considering a straight human lacking the benefit of thumbs as well as intelligence. From a physical standpoint they are so much like us that we use them for medical research study and can (so far) make use of bits of them for xenotransplantation (heart valves for instance work between our varieties)… the ‘Micro-pig’ is a product of such research study programmes.

So begin from that point of view, and an understanding that they grow huge quickly, and you’re in for an excellent ride as a pig ‘proprietor’. Let’s take into consideration the fundamentals after that: food, habit, development, wellness as well as well-being.


A pig is an omnivore – if you consume it so will they and also much more besides. The pig is not connected by our conventions therefore will certainly try anything; consisting of resorting to cannibalism if that’s the only choice. They’ll eat worms, roots, acorns, wheat soya and also fishmeal as easily as they’ll consume turf, fruit, meat and also sandwiches. But pig-keeper beware: you can’t feed your pig left-overs (specifically not pig items); your pig will till up any land you pen it on in a really short time; feed an appropriately created pig distribution from your regional ranch as well as country store and you won’t go much incorrect. Utilize your pig to maintain your orchards clean, but do not let them chasm, or the outcome out the backside of the animal will be what you would certainly expect of on your own after too much fruit! Use your pig to clean the waste vegetable tops and bases, shucks, leaves and also blossoms – it’s just what they do best, as well as reason that they have played such a crucial duty in western agricultural as well as social history: the yard/ household recycler the same level quality! But (I need to repeat this) do not feed them any prepared leftovers (especially meat) from your cooking area – pigs love this sort of food, but it’s unlawful in the UK and also somewhere else in the world, as this method is a terrific way to help the pests that cause Foot and also Mouth Illness to get around as easily as they do. Did I have to remind you that pigs (like all pets, including us) need a supply of fresh tidy water whatsoever times – oh, as well as please make sure that the food you do offer is clean as well as looks good enough to eat? Your pig’s insides and also your own are extremely comparable in shape size, function and also reaction.


Pigs cannot sweat (they haven’t obtained the glands), so need to have the ability to cool somehow – the most effective method being to wallow. They need to have the ability to leave the sun, as they will shed like you and also I, though they simulate to soak up the rays too. Their favourite hobby is messing concerning – there is absolutely nothing so suspicious en masse of porkers gathered around an unspecified things behind-the-scenes of a pen or field – have they broken something? What have they found/ earthed up? That have they decided to batter? Pigs are social animals that need close call with each other or you – much like your companion, kids as well as canine do – touch is essential. The various other thing to remember is that they are smart, easily get bored and need some type of diversion/ entertainment. Like children at Xmas, they’ll have fun with the boxes and wrappings with great pleasure (as well as to damage!). Their eyesight is bad, their feeling of odor remarkable (much better compared to a pet dog), and also their fashion normally inquisitive. A pig will certainly value an electric fencing, yet will evaluate it initially, discovering fast, but beware they are challenging to consist of, with extremely effective front ends as well as terrific determination despite a challenge. A pig could be educated – apart from the chatting all the stuff in ‘Babe’ was done for real (by 48 various be-wigged Large White actors).


An additional caution that you have to be really aware of. Pigs expand quick, specifically modern types. A cute little nine-kilo weaner at 4 weeks old becomes a not so adorable, extremely strong and solid 100-kilo pet in 5 as well as a half months. I have actually talked with greater than one ‘micro-pig’ owner that’s family pet had grown far bigger compared to they would certainly been led to believe. My suggestions is to deal with the family pet with respect, appreciate its business and also extremely guaranteed existence in your life, and afterwards be prepared to sell it on or place it into your freezer as well as obtain an additional one. Your pig will proliferate as will its appetite and also it’s demand for area.

Wellness & Welfare

Pigs get ill, much like we do. Insects can blow in on the wind, ride in on the rear of rats, computer mice and also household animals, on the feet of birds as well as people and the tyres of cars and trucks. A lot of particularly well they can hitch lifts on garments and hands. When they get sick you need a vet that knows pigs! They need room, a tidy bed (as well as a person to offer it/ freshen it up), someplace to head to the toilet, as well as somebody to clean up that location after them. They need points to play with (which usually suggest damage, yet have a good time doing it!), and they require firm.

If you’re still tempted to be possessed by a pig, good luck, you will be rewarded – it’s not possible to enjoy a pig and its pals and get burnt out, there’ always something taking place!

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