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How to Protect Yourself From Data Loss

Information loss may strike any person who utilizes a computer system or any data storage drive. However, the majority of people still like not to do anything particular to prevent information loss up until they ultimately experience it. This may take place all of an unexpected and also bring whole lots of difficulty to you.… Read More »

Alleged ‘Ninja Robber’ Claims Trio Used Google Earth to Target Homes

Among the three alleged ” ninja robbers” promises they used Google Earth to target houses. Authorities detained Frank Bower in Central Florida in May. He told investigators the threesome scouted houses in advance to locate ones which may be readily entered. “He goes on that Google Earth and then he could consider the houses and… Read More »

Call Girl Accused With Death of Google Exec Wrote Facebook Post About ‘Killing Sprees’

The murder suspect who police describe as a high-end hooker composed a post on Facebook about killing sprees in the days before her arrest. Alix Tichelman wrote on June 28 that it was “extremely pleasant to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood…and they adore it also.” “No judgment. Yay!”… Read More »