Bow Tie For a Tuxedo

Are you soon invited to a gala or a fancy dinner? Then it is likely that the dress code prescribes black tie. Is your first thought: I still have a black tie somewhere in my closet or would you like to buy a black tie online? Then it’s high time for you to invest a few minutes in the etiquette of the tuxedo. In fact, the gentlemen wear a tuxedo with the black evening dress of their companions.

What is a tuxedo?

You probably don’t have a tuxedo hanging in your closet. So here you will find a brief summary of what is meant by this suit:

  • Black jacket with satin reverses.
  • Black trousers with satin piping on the outside of the legs, running from top to bottom.
  • A white shirt with a traditional patricide collar, this is a stand-up collar where the two front ends of the collar are folded sharply forward, the collar seems to fly over your shirt. Many men also choose a different collar shape, the choice is yours.
  • The tuxedo shirt traditionally has a blind button closure. Above the buttons on the front is a band so that they are no longer visible. You can also make your own choice here. If you want to show your buttons, absolutely fine. You can also choose a shirt with contrasting black buttons.
  • The tuxedo shirt has double cuffs. This is the name for a shirt where the cuffs (at the end of the sleeve) are turned and where there is usually a button, you can put some cufflinks here. For example, choose a classic silver pair or colored cufflinks to match the handkerchief.
  • A bow tie. Choose a satin fly, preferably in silk. Read on in this article for more tips on choosing the right bow tie.
  • A pair of suspenders with leather loops. Normally six loops are sewn to the inside of the trousers at the waistband. Here you can attach your tuxedo suspenders.
  • Don’t you want to wear braces? A black, smooth leather belt is also a good choice.
  • Officially, you should wear a white handkerchief in your breast pocket, but this accessory is perfect for making your own choice. For example, choose a striking red version or a handkerchief in the colour of your bow tie.
  • Black men’s socks.
  • Black shoes. Traditional shiny patent leather shoes with buckle closure. But if you wear black lace-up shoes with a colored blue toe and a blue bow tie, it looks good too.

By the way, a tuxedo officially consists of a black suit, but if you prefer to give your outfit your own twist, dark blue or bordeaux is also a good choice. Let yourself be inspired by some examples:

Which fly do I choose for my tuxedo?

Would you like to appear in the classic tuxedo look at the upcoming celebration? Then wear a white or black men’s fly made of satin silk. This fabric gives your outfit a high-quality look and gives it a touch of shine and elegance. If you’re at the end of the month, at the end of your bank account balance, or you don’t expect any galas in the coming years, a polyester bow tie is a perfect alternative. Even if a mens fly made of polyester cannot be compared to a silk fly, you can certainly be seen with a fly made of polyester. After all, polyester is cheaper to buy and easier to clean than silk.

Traditionally, a self-binder, also called a cross-binder, is worn. In the past, this was a long tie with one big disadvantage: you couldn’t adjust the collar width after binding. Nowadays self-binders consist of two parts, which are connected by a hook, so that the neck circumference can be easily adjusted after binding. In addition, tying a self tie requires some practice and patience. Read all about the step-by-step instructions for tying your fly, including the Youtube tutorial. And don’t forget that a knot that is not slightly asymmetrically tied gives the self tie its special charm. So don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t look like its pre-tied brother. Especially the imperfect one is a sign of special elegance and class.

Do you have little patience or a smaller budget? Then a pre-tied men’s fly is the perfect alternative. It also has a small hook with which you can adjust the neck circumference. Ideal! So you don’t have to worry about the right size when buying. Do you still need help putting on the tied fly? No problem! Under How do I fix my fly? you will find the tips and tricks you need.

Confess colour

With a mens fly in a great color you can give your outfit that certain something. Depending on the occasion, you can combine your suit or tuxedo with a coloured one. Then wear a red men’s bow tie to your best friend’s wedding and combine it with a pair of great cufflinks in the same color. Or choose a royal blue cross tie and wear a royal blue handkerchief. In addition to a great colour, you can add that special something to your outfit by choosing a special material. A velvet fly gives your outfit a warm and luxurious look and a woolen bow tie gives it a modern touch. With a knitted fly you can conjure up a touch of retro in your outfit in no time at all.

Note, however, that on formal occasions a black or white bow tie should always be worn.

What does white tie mean?

At a celebration where you are expected in a white tie, you should wear a tailcoat. The jacket, also called skirt is longer at the back and has two so-called swallow tails. In addition you wear a white shirt to which you combine a white or black men’s bow tie. Also a cummerbund should not be missing with the White tie. Compared to the black tie, where you can give your outfit a personal touch, the white tie expects you to stick to the dress code. The white tie is also seen as the most elegant dress code.

Cross tie, bow tie or self tie

You are probably wondering what the difference is between a cross tie, a bow tie, a bow tie and a self tie.

In fact, they all refer to the same accessories that you tie around your neck. The only difference is that a cross tie or self tie, as the name suggests, still needs to be tied. Would you like to read more about this topic? Then have a look at our article “Difference fly, self tie, bow and cross tie”.

Now that you know everything about bow ties, the only question you have to ask yourself is which one to choose. In our extensive collection you will surely find what you are looking for. No matter if you want to wear the cross tie to your tuxedo or the tied bow tie to your tailcoat. The selection is large.