About Me

I’m a journalist whose research targets local history and the mid-Atlantic’s regional. For over three decades, I’ve worked widely to create an understanding between the present as well as earlier ages and to support public interest and involvement in the preservation of the region’s past. Addressing my areas of scholarship, I’ve appeared in Southern Living, National Geographic, and Chesapeake Life, along with on the Today Show, Maryland Public Television and TV news programs.

I base my lectures and writings on extensive fieldwork, archival research with primary documents, and oral history interviews. I draw on this particular applied understanding of the community of the area, societal, and family history in classroom lectures, workshops, discussions, and posts. My printed works have appeared in Maryland Life, Delmarva Quarterly, Chesapeake Life, as well as several other magazines, papers, and historical society journals.

Me had fascinated since the late 1960s when I began volunteering as a teen at the Historical Society of Cecil County. For almost a half century now, all of my adult life, I have had an excellent time finding hints that are historical in the material culture, oral histories, records, as well as photos. Besides crumbling papers as a method of investigating our past, and rummaging through old books, records I had the privilege of learning so much from many educated folks during those quickly passing decades.

As an adjunct professor, I teach history classes at several schools and area universities. I’ve graduate degrees in the behavioral sciences, as well as history, and I’m a visiting scholar for several other organizations and humanities councils.